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Mothers’ Cognition About Displaying Warmth and Firmness

The primary purpose of this research is to examine the cognitions and behaviors of mothers in Türkiye about displaying warmth and firmness to their children. Warmth and firmness are fundamental dimensions of parenthood. Many studies in our country use scales developed in the West to evaluate these major parenting dimensions. However, this method may lead to overlooking some of the attitudes of mothers in Türkiye while being warm and firm towards their children, and it may not measure some basic attitudes and behaviors that need to be measured. Moreover, since the meaning of the behaviors can differ depending on the culture, it is important to know whether the mother is doing a certain behavior to display warmth or act firmly. All of this requires the study of parenting ethnotheories that illustrate the cognitive theories of parents' behavior. Our research aims to increase our knowledge on the issues mentioned here by using quantitative and qualitative analysis methods. Using the in-depth interview method with open-ended questions, we aim to understand better why mothers consider warmth and firmness important, what they do when they display warmth and when they are firm, and in what situations they display these behaviors. In order to examine whether the positive and negative effects of warm and firm attitudes on the development of children are similar to the findings of the studies conducted in the West. We also investigate the relationship of these behaviors with social adaptation and behavioral problems in children

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